The Game

“Op. Referendum” transports us to any city, any region and any country, where the citizenry drags an historic struggle: the right to self-determination.

The Sovereign Bloc (SB)

In order to achieve this right, the population has organized itself into the so-called Sobiranista Bloc (BS), a conglomerate of political parties, social entities and diverse collectives willing to culminate and make effective their demands in the best way they know how: by making a binding referendum. The sovereign consultation that allows them to decide their future.

You’ll have 14 rounds to move chips and empower the city for campaign events. Win cards of Sovereignty among the ones that will arrive… the Boxes, Ballots and Envelopes 🙂 But hide it well! The State is combing the city and threatening business at every turn. You will embody Politicians, Entities, Firefighters, Farmers, Entrepreneurs or Students to mount an unprecedented clandestine operation and overcome the rain of searches and arrests that awaits you. Collaborate as a team until the 1st of October. Will you be able to place the material at each voting point almost magically…?

The Central Government (CG)

A rigid and inflexible wall stands in front of this wave of citizens: the Central Government (GC). For him, the right to self-determination is nothing more than a badly pronounced insult. A challenge to the laws of the established order that cannot go unanswered. To prevent the success of the referendum he will boycott the campaign, discredit the vote and annihilate any hint of dissent. But it will have to act cautiously if it does not want to attract international attention, there is a democratic image to be cared for…

Videos, posters, protests… The whole city is revolting! The pawns go through the streets of the city following a mechanic or a player under the role of the State. Find the voting material, requisition it and let the whole city know what happens when the State is disobeyed. Register the players, detain chips… Need more court orders? You can always tune them up a little… Corner BS and play the Deep State cards, they’ll delight your government. Ready to “restore normalcy”?