The seed.

Welcome your eyes to the board game inspired by the October 1 referendum. The historical events that took place during that and previous days, added to the way in which they have been silenced, deformed and devalued, has been the seed to undertake an idea: to gather everything in a board game. But make no mistake, impatient reading, this is no political game. It’s a game for democracy and this difference, however small it may seem, is something that can also be understood while playing.

Registrations, arrests, mass mobilizations, clandestine ballot boxes, forbidden websites, censored words, determined mayors, brave firemen, united farmers, international reactions… A real whirlpool of surreal and extraordinary situations around the most direct and democratic act of sovereignty that we have: the referendum. This is exactly the historical whirlwind that seeks to be immortalized by means of tokens and pawns. But don’t forget: a game will never be able to explain reality accurately, because it is still a game and, for that reason, any deviation is protected under the word inspiration.

The reasons.

If we could keep a little bit of the tension, joy and indignation lived those days in a box and we could open it to relive it during any after-dinner, from here, from outside or from the world, the result would be much more than a board game. That is the intention: to create an ideal metaphor to explain and remember (and also to criticize) in the most enjoyable, collective and depersonalized way possible. Here is the first reason.

It would have been easier to make this game after 10, 20 or 30 years, with the most closed wounds, but the memory dilutes every day and the wounds need to heal when they are still open, before they heal. Difficult? Of course. Sometimes that only means one thing: it’s time to do it. The benefits of the project can only collaborate with the people who are suffering most from this repression. Here is a second reason.

In spite of the controversy of rabid actuality impregnated in the thematic it is necessary to underline an evidence: this is a game and it is made to play. It doesn’t pretend to be a simple merchandising product, it seeks to make a place for itself in the catalogue of board games to offer an attractive and original mechanics in a game never seen before: the peaceful struggle of a people to organize a referendum with a state against it. Third reason.

The illustrations

The cartoonist makes the game a game, with the magic of his art and seeking the collaboration of a group of illustrators to create a unique, diverse and collective deck: the sovereignty cards. Each of the cards will be signed by its author and most of the drawings will be inspired by images of photographers and photojournalists present during those days.


Search as much as you want, in all the game you will not find the word independence, nor secessionism, nor unionism, nor any name of any party, person, group, association, institution or region… But the great mobilizations, the acts and the repressions to the citizenship will come out. This means that one can play totally alien to what happened only for the simple pleasure of having a good time, but whoever values the game beyond its playful content will have a piece of dignity in his hands. A small box full of lived emotions that form a different memory for those who fought with their vote, their voice, their strength or their own blood.


Do you think it has to be in Catalan? Are you sure? Pondrias “A per ells” to the title of the letter it touches? Then you’ve understood: this game has to be multilingual. The more languages you contemplate, the farther you will be able to travel. The cards will be described in Catalan, Spanish and English. The rest of the components are designed so that people from almost anywhere can play the same game. The web, in addition, will make available to all the regulations translated into as many languages as translators we find willing to collaborate.

Risky proposition, isn’t it? But… isn’t everything worth risking? If you think so and want this game, stay alert. Like any project that fights to be born, it will be your answer that will make it a reality.