Urban solid foundation

We return from … holidays? If we have not stopped throughout the summer! It has been an intense August of games with 4, 5 and up to 7 players; a handful of very important graphic decisions have been taken while the visual finish continued to take shape and textures have begun to be applied on the board. Would you like to have a look?

Once the lines of the drawing were obtained, the streets of the whole city were asphalted in one morning (a record for the widening), the installation of grass in the socks in one hour and the roundabouts in a few minutes. The most entertaining thing was to paint the horizontal signposting of the streets, which took a few days of work.

The plots on each of the 72 islands (36 on each base) are already built, ready to erect the buildings and premises that will make up the dashboard. Everything must be ready for the fight for democracy. The board games were accustomed to seeing barbarians, magicians, dwarfs, trolls and zombies of all kinds transiting… dangers and adventures of riding bread compared to the demonstrations, the tractorades, the protest sit-ins and the police attacks that are about to arrive.

Are you ready to see how buildings rise? Be alert, they won’t be long in coming.

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