The Ballot box, the star card

Urna de votació

With the beginning of the design of the sovereignist cards one of the most important begins: the Ballot box!

Some will hide it, disguise it and protect it as much as they know while the other looks to catch it at all costs in time against SB: will they be in time to hand them all over to the voting points?

If they do not succeed, it will not be a referendum with guarantees, the people will not believe it and the participation will be depressing. It is necessary that all schools open so that citizens open their eyes and realize all the power they have when efforts are united towards the same direction.

The queen of the referendum, who still keeps so many mysteries today, who has longed for the CG and who has been so disqualified by the big media will also be the queen of this game where the lanterns will be the order of the day. Are there Ballot Boxes? The game begins…

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