Redesigned Deep State cards

Nou disseny Deep State

New design for Deep State cards that makes them clearer and can be translated into English. Oh, and the illustration, spectacular! We explain it…

The 3 elements containing text were located at the bottom of the chart, which would have made it necessary to apply a dose of design impossible in such a small space, both for the size (62 x 88 millimetres) and for the necessary margins and edges. Everything with the text of a size already close to the ideal reading limit.

In addition, the intention was to include a second description, translated into English, which coexists with the original description without confusion. Possible? Erroneous? Right?

With this new design the title is moved to the top of the letter and the text is visually divided into two types: the text describing the drawing of the letter (with clear background) and the text describing the practical effects that apply to the game (with black background). With this arrangement we have a single line to describe it in English and a couple of shorter lines for each language, always leaving the lower right corner for the icon that describes everything visually.

They keep planning doubts about whether to sacrifice the multilingualism of the game in exchange for offering a more complete description in the cards (for example). Will the instructions be enough? At the moment it is still a risky bet that will differentiate this game from the rest, for better or for worse. If there is still time to rectify, we are still in time.

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