A collaborative deck: the sovereignist deck

Baralla sobiranista

Here is the sovereignist deck: 24 colored cards that represent the reactions of the citizens to make the referendum possible. These cards still lack a redesign and four more adjustments but, above all, they lack the illustrations. In order to achieve all this work, an appeal has been made to illustrators from all over Catalonia (and beyond). The result will be, in this way, much more than a deck of cards…

In order to achieve that the deck of cards of what was a collaborative movement is also created in a collaborative way are about 20 schools and centers of fine arts that have received a mail asking for the students and teachers who are interested. The answers did not take long to arrive 🙂 So many hands to draw will also make it possible to include to the game 6 sovereign roles, instead of the 4 initial ones, which will allow it to be more representative, more whole and suitable for up to 7 players /6 sovereignists plus the Central Government).

Although the idea of the roles is still to make 8, the fact of being identified with a color complicates the design and manufacture, because it must be borne in mind that each color must be as different as possible from the rest, difficulty to which must be added the people with visual chromatic difficulties. Two roles are left out that, for the moment, will have to wait for some future expansion…

In a couple of weeks we will see which illustrators are willing to collaborate and how to face this challenge. An idea that complicates (and much) the process but… And the result? Well, like the whole project: the result will be the best and the effort will have been worth it. Will we make it?

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