Article in the L’unilateral

A few days ago someone contacted the author to find out more about this project. Today the article was published in the digital newspaper L’unilateral where, very correctly, he has focused attention on the project itself. The treatment, a real pleasure! And also, it has revealed a surprise

And as the newspaper explains, a web version will be released soon. This has been something that has been worked on these days, while the explanatory videos were being made in a pleasant format and under the key of humor.

The platform chosen has been Tabletopia, because it allows anyone to connect, search the game and play an online match with other players without anyone having to install any program. The only thing needed to play will be a computer and an internet connection 🙂

Once inside the game, the sovereignty players will have a very intuitive 3D environment with all the components ready: cards, chips, pawns… The digital experience will never be as exciting and enriching as the game in physical format , but there are some interesting advantages: play from anywhere, save games, consult the rules with just one click…

A free version (under creative commons license) that will be the first step to free the game to the public and allow it to win democracy in a fun and entertaining way, from Nepal to Easter Island. Soon you will receive news about how to do it all 🙂

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