Unfeasible dissemination in specialised forums

One of the initial intentions was to open the guts to the project and put them on the Internet table so that everyone could give their opinion. And everybody means everybody. Although it would be impossible to please everyone, use all the criticisms and contemplate all the proposals, it would have been interesting to evaluate the different points of view in order to set in motion an open and inclusive creation. For the moment it has been impossible…

While some limit participation, theme or access for different reasons due to the nature of the forum itself, the more specialized national role-playing and board game forums prohibit us directly from talking about the game. After trying to unfold the approach and the theme in different parts, the messages that have erased us have made the task impossible. We haven’t even been able to explain why it was impossible for us to do it.

We have been a total of 30 days dedicating time BUT… we will try again 🙂 In the meantime… we will have to build a more inclusive alternative: this blog. Critics of all ideals and thoughts, here you are welcome.

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