Sovereignist cards upstream from the fear

And while we leave undermined the vacation calendar of games to Op. Referendum, they appear the drawings that will end up filling with color the sovereignist deck. Not without uncertainties or obstacles, but advancing with a firm step and determination, like so many other projects that are self-published 🙂 Then, what issues are put in the middle and how we planned it.

With setbacks

One of the problems we face is the rhythm that, due to a wide and varied range of circumstances, is slower than we would like, shaking the start date. In addition, if life does not already have enough complications, including storms, hot flashes, vacations, work-related turns, lost mobile phones and domestic accidents (without serious consequences), some collectives are dedicated to bringing charges for hate crime incitement to creative projects related to October 1. Actions that seek and provoke fear and self-censorship.

The denunciation starts out of all logic: talking about children’s publications when the publication falls within the category +18 years, talking about freedom of expression but with limits interpreted to measure and victimizing the police forces before what they consider ferocious and offensive caricatures (ferocious is an addition). If there were, they would be called “tumultuous cartoons” or, directly, “artistic violence”. The same “Busca a Wally” with which the work is inspired contains situations and representations as controversial or more controversial in a book, this yes, classified as childish. What is the difference? Well, there is no direct reference, and Mr. Wally has no uncomfortable ideas.

With consequences

For all these reasons, some illustrations are now on hold. Others prefer to collaborate without a signature … Because where censorship hurts most is in the personal situations that each one must evaluate. Because self-organisation is the strength of a people and at the same time the most delicate element. A weak fortress. A vulnerable but unstoppable force that must be reached in every game. Why… What did you think we were talking about? This is just a board game…

Upstream from the fear

Luckily, to Op. referendum all this already we had planned 🙂 In the whole game there is no direct reference. No symbol, no name, no title, no subtitle. It’s a work inspired by the 1st of October and thought to run like the wind and scatter around the tables anywhere. Because before a downpour you only have to open the umbrella and keep on advancing, before a wave of heat you have to wind up the fan and, faced with fears and coercions there are two ways. One is for the brave and the other for the astute, but both should always reach the same destination.

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