No Publishers: Going for Desktop Publishing

We’ve called 16 publishers. A couple of them have opened the door to say that the project does not fit their editorial line, the rest have not even opened the door.

Along with the sent mail we have enclosed a summary of the game rules, a description of the components and the first drawings of the illustrator. This project is difficult to welcome because, as we have made known to the same mail, there are modifications that you can accept but there are others that do not. Not only does it want to be a board game and that implies maintaining a certain coherence with the facts with which it is inspired.

On the other hand, the current rabid controversy implies a risk to which many companies, with an act of responsibility towards their workers, may not want to expose themselves. There are several games that deal with the Catalan case without detours but all of them with a small detail: the historical facts are from decades ago, not months ago.

However, it is also true that politics is a subject without much success, very shunned also for publishers. We insist: Op Referendum is not a political game, it is a democratic game, and it is determined to become a reality.

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