good vibes in the DAU 2019

Partides al DAU 2019

This weekend more than 10 games have been self-determined in Op. Referendum (we have lost count) full of tension, emotion and good vibes within the DAU Barcelona 2019 Festival. It has been exhausting but, at the same time, seeing how players enjoy the game is an invaluable energy boost (really!). Let’s do a little review…

The entrance

The good feeling comes once you cross the door of Fabra i Coats and enter the festival, because the desire to play shines on all faces. You are not surrounded by crowded stands. No… You are surrounded by challenges and adventures with the desire to get caught up in a game, and no matter how much you want to, you will end up taking out the white flag to say enough, because the proposals are inexhaustible. This is the DAU Festival: infinite desire to play.

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Among the jumble of tables and chairs there were two very special rooms due to the illusion that was kept there: the Authors’ Corner. A space created by the asociación LUDO where a whole battery of authors were displayed in line, ready to explain their game and invite you to discover a new adventure. These are the games of tomorrow and, right there, Op. Referendum was waiting for you, sovereign players.

Racó dels autors
Authors’ Corner in full swing

The adventure

Around a frightened city, people of all ages, origins and configurations have sat down, ready to face the most surreal campaign of democracy and overcome a repression as implacable as it is unexpected. Some of you resorted to a calculated strategy, others debated the best response, others defied the danger with as much courage (or unconsciousness) as possible… Not all of you succeeded, for you were warned that it would not be a simple matter 😉 Some of you even wanted to finish (we are already looking for a way to come back soon : P ), but you all suffered. Yes, you have! You have suffered well…

Partida a Op. Referèndum
It looks really bad!
Diumenge sobiranista i molt rural.
Just a little bit!
Partida a Op. Referèndum
Miracle victory!

This is Op. Referendum: the magic of cooperative play under constant tension. Strategy and emotion in equal parts that test the expertise and understanding of sovereign roles. An “all or nothing” that moves constantly between victory and defeat during the whole game. Did you like it? We did! Do you want more? Well, this is just the beginning. Watch out for the social nets, Op. Referendum is a game that holds many surprises… 🙂

The reflection

Already hours away from the festival, the creation reflects: be aware that it is not only the game that makes the players. Every comment, every reaction, every opinion or idea you have shared is a precious resource, and every support to the social networks gasoline for the project. Like so many others that fight to be born, the challenge is not simple, the road is full of curves, but “tot és possible i tot està per fer”…

Thank you very much to all of you for coming and sharing this adventure with us. Endavant!

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