Summer 2019: planning…

We are already in summer: flip flops, escapes to the beach, to the mountain, tomatoes, cicadas, mosquitoes, reissuance of Plats Bruts (?), annual break … No way! Operation Referendum does not rest and now that there is time will be spent more than ever with the project. But what is the plan? We’ll tell you…

Step 1 – Pre summer campaign

The gameplay tests will continue with the current 7 groups that have been tortured so far, plus those groups that want to be added. Are you interested? Are you part of any association? Do you want to make a test game to give your opinion? Send an email and we will see how to organise it.

The diffusion by social networks through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram continues in progress, where the echo of the campaign depends to a great extent on those who are giving us a hand, giving likes, sharing and retwiteando content. From here, thank you very much! We have to find a way to compensate you… 😉

The video of the game will arrive before the end of the summer, explaining how it works and watching a simulated game. Lights, camera and … vote!

Step 2 – The campaign

In September will be the launch of the micro-patronage campaign, ideally on the 14th at 20:00, the same time and day that the campaign began on October 1st. Time will tell us to delay this date or we can be faithful to the historical calendar.

The micro patronage is just a way to reserve the game with an advance purchase, payment that will only become effective if the minimum number is reached. platforms such as totsuma, verkami or Kickstarter (in order of preference) lend this great opportunity to ideas and projects that want to become, such as Op. Referendum.

Step 3.a – Positive post campaign

In case the necessary money is raised: Victoria! The order will be shipped in record time to the manufacturer so that the machines can be put to work as soon as possible, because it is necessary to receive copies of the game and distribute them to buyers (shops or individuals) so that they arrive before the end of 2019, just in time to land on the Christmas, Epiphany or Sant Esteve tables 🙂

Step 3.b Negative post campaign

If we don’t raise enough money we will have done something wrong … We will build a time machine to travel a year back and we will try again as many times as necessary, not without first going through 2017 and having the pleasure of dropping the ballot back into the plastic ballot boxes, that day so beautiful and yet so outrageous. If you think that this is a complicated task try to self-publish a board game and you will find it a piece of cake.

Step 4 – Let’s play!

A few games to Op. Referendum for Christmas parties will fall sure, whatever it is, whatever it goes, at all costs, and if we can be hundreds or thousands who make them then great. It will be well entertaining, because there are up to three judges to defeat and you can be sure that easy will not be…

Step 5 – Free for everyone, game included

Yes, after 2019 the game will be released for worldwide distribution under a Creative Commons license. Some designs will be shared, so that everyone can do their charter, translation, modification, and this will be possible thanks to the open source programs that have been used, and that can be used by anyone for free. Why buy it, then? So here you can read some answers:

  • Because you are going to make possible a very cool project not only by contributing as a buyer, but by collaborating as a founder.
  • Because it will be the most economical way to have an original and quality copy.
  • Because you will put a small (but always important) grain of sand against the repression in a playful way, giving part of the benefits to entities that we will choose among all.
  • Because you will be the first to enjoy the game and will have advantages for future expansions.
  • Because you’ll enjoy prizes during the campaign that won’t be repeated.

Step 6 – Last step (or not)

In 2020 it can be very nice because we will make a lot of noise. We will take the game out of the frontiers and we will walk it through European contests and fairs of more relevant board games, until the day arrives in which no Martian passes closer to the lunar orbit without having heard something about October 1 and a town that managed to make a referendum with a state against it.

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