Next stop: DAU Barcelona 2019

DAU Barcelona 2019

One of the most important recreational events will feature the game Operation Referendum during the coming weekend (23 and 24 November). The Fira DAU Barcelona will be the first stop before starting the tour that we plan for this 2020. See you soon?

The festival of the game

It is already the 8th edition of this festival of the game that, year after year, lands in Barcelona with a resounding success full of games of all kinds and for all audiences. The free nature of all the activities shows the commitment and effort behind this internationally known and expected event, but also the ludic nature that throbs hard in this country. We like to play!

There are so many spaces and activities at the DAU Barcelona Festival that it will be hard to find one that suits your preferences. Families with children, groups of friends, role-playing gourmets, dystopia fans, strategy lovers… few excuses can be found for not reserving 1 or 2 days and getting lost in a playful world invaded by letters and dice. The range of games currently on the market is overwhelming, but the diversity of creative proposals struggling to be born is even greater!

Op. Referendum to the DAU Barcelona

We tried to 2018 without success and we insisted on 2019. This time yes, we will deploy the board in the space of Racó dels autors managed by the association LUDO (Harmonía de Fabra i Coats building, 1st floor), where a city full of streets patrolled by the police, brave or frightened businesses, hidden or confiscated ballot boxes, cards demonstrating or arrested…

The game arrives at the DAU in its most cooperative phase, where all sovereign players who self-determine in a game will have to organize themselves to overcome unprecedented police and judicial mechanics (in the playful world, of course). Approach the DAU, go up to the author’s Racó and look for the urn, there is an operation waiting for you.

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