Autumn 2019: re-planning…

Today, September 15, it will be two years since the referendum campaign began. A historic countdown that no one will ever forget. This date was also the date chosen to launch the funding campaign to make Op. Referendum a reality in 2019, as we explained in this blog entry. But this, players, will have to wait a little longer 🙂

A late countdown

Nothing would have been more satisfying than to be able to start microfinance today, a goal projected for November 2017 from a distance and with the faith to arrive with all the strength and maturity that any initiative needs. It even appeared on the web a countdown calculating the days remaining for the date indicated, which quickly and accurately left the scene out of prudence, following the advice of some voices. Now, the intention is to make an exercise of reality and humility. The point is not to take the game out prematurely. The idea is good, so is the project. The rhythm, then, must be the right one.

So how’s it going?

The rules goes through version 20.0, with a game option following a 100% cooperative mechanics, where all players struggle to achieve the same goal, but must organize the same resources (you know this challenge of unity?). Throughout 2019 the game has been tested with groups and role-playing associations that have been able to give their opinion (they are, long, more than 200 games), making evolve details and design aspects that get a satisfactory game experience. We still have to pass a more technical examination, the results of which we will know later this year. The game must work well. That’s what will make it come to the table beyond the grace of the first time. That’s what will draw the attention of players who ignore the facts that inspires it.

The design has managed to put 3 languages into each and every one of the elements of the game. The most critical space was the cards, where the 3 languages had to share a reduced space together with a description of the facts, the drawing, the title, the icons … The game board is also being finished, bringing together buildings from different towns in Catalonia (not just the capitals) to make this San Esteve de les Roures an urban area that represents well what it should represent.

The illustrations are advancing at a slow pace, but with results to remove the barretina… They have already put spoonful 5 of the 8 drawers, that will continue completing this collaborative sovereignist deck, of added value. It is true that the illustration advances in an irregular way, full of comings and goings pending of the time that each one can dispose. A necessary artistic condition that must be overcome in order to achieve what is intended.

The countdown that resurrects

All in all, now, today, we can’t set a departure date. We will continue to sweat to give as much gas as we can to the project, but we will watch so that the rush does not affect the final result and, when the time comes, when everything is ready, the countdown will reappear with a date of departure. This time, yes, one that we do not have to eliminate as a precaution. Judgment, patience and determination. Everything good is made to wait 😉

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