2nd date 2020: La Seu d’Urgell

Joc desplegat

Op. Referendum went away from the sea this past weekend and went into the middle of the mountain but, neither to step on snow nor to see bears. The ingredients we tasted are the best condiment we can find in the Pyrenees: pure air and good people. We are talking about the most important leisure event in the Catalan Pyrenees: the 5th Festival del joc del Pirineu. Here, in La Seu, where paths meet and waters join, is where the game unfolded. This is how it was…

Saturday: Sant Domènec hall

The Sant Domènec hall, the main space destined to receive the largest volume of attendees, was located in a church. This created a lot of uncertainty about the needs of a good game table: light, temperature… The doubts, however, vanished just by entering. The hall was perfect and in a short time the tables, which were not few, were filled with all kinds of games. A toy library, a shop full of offers and the volunteers of the association Ayudar Jugando accompanied the space from the sides. It was in one of those corners where the ballot box was waiting to be discovered…

Sala Sant Domènec

Sunday: Ermengol hall

After Saturday, we decided to extend our stay until Sunday after having replaced in another hall facing more advanced players: the Ermengol hall. By the way, we were very grateful to see how the organization improvises and adapts to the needs of the moment. Well done!

In this space you could find large and medium size board games, both in difficulty and in duration. We could see the inspiring Escape from Colditz, Pandemic (very trendy these days) and all kinds of war games, some of them collectibles!

What people have liked most about the game

  • The theme.
  • The different roles there are.

The proposals that there were

  • Re-design of court orders to make them more intuitive and add possibilities.
  • More generic drawing for the board to represent the whole country better.

Thank you very much to the people who approached us, for their interest and patience in listening, playing, testing and proposing ideas to improve the game experience. We always come out with more than we offer, as discussions about themes and mechanics often take longer than the game itself 😉 There is still time! We’re following the gaming route by showing you the project and we’d like to see you! What will be the next stop?

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