1st stop 2020: Historic building of the UB

The day was falling badly and some obstacles arose but, as the last post was already advancing, a scenario as irresistible as the historic building of the UB made the author take a train with #opreferendum under his arm, sheathe the cards with the latest changes and arrive just in time to make a match to Operation Referendum between columns of the nineteenth century.

A profitable game, with 4 players challenging the state repression until the middle of the game to stop and share opinions and suggestions. Among these players was the writer and role-playing game creator Carlos Plaza, encouraged by the imminent publication of his Metropolis project. The 4 players answered the 2 questions that the author of Op. referendum always asks:

  • What do you value most, or what did you like best?
  • What is there that you don’t like or think can be improved?

To encourage everyone to make suggestions, the comments will be published on this website, those that are positive and also those that are negative. All those who ask for a video explaining the game in order to be able to evaluate it from a distance are present. We won’t forget you! We just ask for a little patience… For the moment, you can go to the playful meetings in the country where the game is being played and, in case any of them escapes us, you are already taking a long time to propose them 😉

What people have liked most about the game

  • Dynamic game!
  • The uncertainty with the searches maintains a constant tension.
  • The duration of the game depends little on the number of players.

The proposals that there were

  • Change the theme.
  • Improve the information at hand about the phases of a turn.
  • Improve the greyness of design.
Partida a LUDO UB

First playful date of 2020

Every comment and reaction is a help to polish this playful proposal that, let’s not forget, is also intended to be a proposal for diffusion. For the players who agree, for those who do not and for those who simply want to have a good time, Op. Referendum opens its board to test their expertise during this 2020, and these events have been the first stop of the playful route that will make through the country.

Many thanks to the LUDO; UB team for organizing these sessions and offering a space to the project. A first edition is always a challenge full of uncertainties, right? We hope to come back next year!

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