Documented memory project


They are as much images as data, statistics, news… everything we can find in this web project, born to fight against infoxication. Present to strengthen memory and awareness of what happened. A fabulous initiative that will come to us from pearls to consolidate the inspiration of the game.

Demo games


In the last few weeks, demonstration and test games have been set up in an open way, so that anyone who wants to test the mechanics can do so. In this way, doubts and proposals from different audiences will be collected.

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Letter from a judge

Jutge del joc

Dear future players of the Sovereignist Block, as Central Government we forgive at this time all the bad things that you want to behave in this game of the illegal Referendum to give you a bit more of the most sacred and untouchable Normativa of the game (that we have not stopped modifying until now). In its Chapter III of Title VII…

“The validity of a court order is determined by the letter from the “Judge” who is face up… …When a Judge’s card is put into play, it will replace the previous one by imposing a new vision of justice. The Central Government may put “Judge” cards into play as many times as it sees fit, once per turn.”

Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence. #WeWillWin

Happy New Year 2019

Bon any 2019

We bid farewell to 2018 with a lot of work done and a few goals achieved. That sounds like a lie! But the most stimulating thing is to look ahead and see how this new year presents itself. As it is better not to make spoilers, we will make a summary of the situation in which we find ourselves…

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Preamble of the regulation

“Operation: REFERENDUM” transports us to a unique region where there is a struggle for a right: self-determination. To carry it out, citizens trust the Sovereign Bloc (SB), a conglomerate of political parties, entities and social collectives that have been struggling for years to organize a referendum with guarantees. The binding consultation that allows them to be sovereign and decide their future.

In front of them the Central Government that does not recognize that right. To question their authority will be considered a challenge to the laws of the established order. To prevent a successful Referendum, the Central Government (CG) will deploy all its power to sabotage the campaign and discredit the vote. It must act cautiously if it does not want to affect its democratic image, the eyes of the world are stealthily watching.

A la carte riots

Aldarulls a la carta

This is the title of the last letter drawn by Guti. Little by little the style we want to give to the game is becoming clear: a serious comic air that moves away from burlesque fashions, very effective in the short term but with a short expiration date. In addition to this, and in this case, the letter is inspired by one of the photographs by Jordi Borràs in his book “Dies que duraran anys”.