Summer 2019: planning…

We are already in summer: flip flops, escapes to the beach, to the mountain, tomatoes, cicadas, mosquitoes, reissuance of Plats Bruts (?), annual break … No way! Operation Referendum does not rest and now that there is time will be spent more than ever with the project. But what is the plan? We’ll tell you…

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Manifests Battle

Guerra de manifests

Manifestos against, manifestos in favour… A struggle during the first days of the campaign where each manifesto became a powerful weapon to win public opinion, making its way into the jungle of news that paraded before our eyes at a dizzying pace, impossible to follow. It was a struggle of numbers beyond the typical contradictions about the number of attendees in a demonstration.

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Escape from Colditz

Joc de La fuga de Colditz

If October 1st has been the frame of inspiration of the game, the spark that ignited everything was “Escape from Colditz”, a game also inspired by real events and that revolutionized the playful world of the moment. Did you know it?

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A sovereignist wall

Muralla humana

This is the scenario: security forces heating up the same population that must defend and guarantee their rights. The human wall, the mass of demonstrators, the field of onion mushrooms… in short: people protecting their vote. We continue with the games and we look for the way to fulfill one of the most requested requests: to make a system of game 100% collaborative, with an automatic CG

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A collaborative deck: the sovereignist deck

Baralla sobiranista

Here is the sovereignist deck: 24 colored cards that represent the reactions of the citizens to make the referendum possible. These cards still lack a redesign and four more adjustments but, above all, they lack the illustrations. In order to achieve all this work, an appeal has been made to illustrators from all over Catalonia (and beyond). The result will be, in this way, much more than a deck of cards…

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49ONS of Krítik Club

Partida al club Krítik

The 49th One Night Stand, organised by the Kritik Club, has been the stage where the game has been deployed during (almost) the whole night. An intense appointment full of games and desire to play where we could sit for a while and explain Op. Referendum. By the way, referendum achieved, but with easy level 😛

Registering in Sant Esteve de les Roures

Plaça de la Pau

The project is officially registered (and self-bureaucratised) in the Sant Esteve de les Roures Town Hall, a nice digital mountain village that we have been thinking about for too long. And if the map must be of Sant Esteve it must have by force the Plaça de la Pau (Peace Square), the main square that immortalizes this village.

Opened games!

There have been 33 role-playing associations and board games (mostly Catalan) called dice. The best way to test the mechanics of the game is to take it through the associations that want to participate, with very experienced players and with an immense knowledge of the play catalogue. Will we play? Will you play? Will you play?

Citation to Mayors

Citación de Alcaldes

The last drawing by Deep State cards of the CG that plays with the word game and shows the judge preparing each and every one of the appointments that he has with the more than 700 mayors. 700! Letters, appointments, calls … a judge clearly in love with the mayors.