Escape from Colditz

Joc de La fuga de Colditz

If October 1st has been the frame of inspiration of the game, the spark that ignited everything was “Escape from Colditz”, a game also inspired by real events and that revolutionized the playful world of the moment. Did you know it?

As the Wikipedia article itself says, the game is based on a true story, where prisoner of war Pat Reid, along with a handful of prisoners, manages to escape from a maximum-security German prison during World War II. A heroism that was immortalized with this game in a much more interactive way than the books published on the same event. A cold night on the 14th of another hot October (much hotter) that became part of history. An organization between prisoners of different nationalities and ideologies united by the same unconditional cause: their freedom.

Although the theme with Op. Referendum has its similarities and differences (which each is free to interpret), the mechanics does retain strong similarities. A “Escape from Colditz” a player under the role of prison guards (a castle!) must avoid at all costs that a group of prisoners of different colors collaborate among them to get the necessary escape material, getting and exchanging cards so that everything fits. And, believe me, the game is not easy… Escape alone is practically impossible. Collaboration and unconditional involvement is essential for success. Sound familiar?

In addition, the game is divided into two phases. During the first phase, the prisoners go through the corners of the castle to get the necessary cards (tools, documents…) dodging the guards and hiding their hand of cards. A meeting of the prisoners to draw up a strategy gives way to the second part, when the secret plan to achieve freedom has to be set in motion. Are you still dreaming of something?

If you change the pliers for urns, the prisoners for citizenship collectives and the guards for the state police, Op. Referendum appears. But the game cannot stay here alone, because a game that seeks to immortalize October 1, 2017 has to go further. Threats, nerves, self-censorship, closed websites have to come out… the pots and pans, the protests, the indignation, the cloned websites… There have to be judicial orders, 155 in the shade, clandestine appointments with democracy. All this, if you want it, you will find it immortalized in this game, inside a box of 30 by 30 centimeters.

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