A sovereignist wall

Muralla humana

This is the scenario: security forces heating up the same population that must defend and guarantee their rights. The human wall, the mass of demonstrators, the field of onion mushrooms… in short: people protecting their vote. We continue with the games and we look for the way to fulfill one of the most requested requests: to make a system of game 100% collaborative, with an automatic CG

Yes, why the whole thing about everyone playing one is very attractive but… who doesn’t like to take the baton of repression in a board game that throws the first die 😉 Playing a role like CG has many advantages.

The tension increases, as the players can speak but, in the same way that it happened during the days prior to October 1, 2017, the euphemisms will be more than necessary to maintain a safe conversation in front of the attentive listening of the CG. A barbecue, a concert, a package, dinner, lunch… choose the euphemism you like best and practice your poker face well, you will need 🙂

It increases the complicity between opponents, so the SB has to watch every move, every word and every look it makes, but it will also have the possibility to mislead the CG with maneuvers that make him register the wrong player. To save the ballot boxes they will be ready for anything!

It reduces the chance factor, which adds value to the players’ effort and makes sense to their entire strategy.

With all these advantages it doesn’t seem to make much sense to look for a 100% cooperative mechanics, but games like “Pandemic” or “Fire Rescue” show that the single-sided game also works, besides allowing Op. Referendum to be played with only 2 players. For this reason, the entire design is designed so that it can be played in 100% cooperative mode.

A 6 x 6 block urban grid will allow a 6-sided die to determine which streets and which squares the CG acts on, while the design of the state deck and a couple of regulatory modifications will leave everything ready for players to join forces and face their referendum with a state against.

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