Urban solid foundation

We return from … holidays? If we have not stopped throughout the summer! It has been an intense August of games with 4, 5 and up to 7 players; a handful of very important graphic decisions have been taken while the visual finish continued to take shape and textures have begun to be applied on the board. Would you like to have a look?

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A collaborative deck: the sovereignist deck

Baralla sobiranista

Here is the sovereignist deck: 24 colored cards that represent the reactions of the citizens to make the referendum possible. These cards still lack a redesign and four more adjustments but, above all, they lack the illustrations. In order to achieve all this work, an appeal has been made to illustrators from all over Catalonia (and beyond). The result will be, in this way, much more than a deck of cards…

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Citation to Mayors

Citación de Alcaldes

The last drawing by Deep State cards of the CG that plays with the word game and shows the judge preparing each and every one of the appointments that he has with the more than 700 mayors. 700! Letters, appointments, calls … a judge clearly in love with the mayors.

A la carte riots

Aldarulls a la carta

This is the title of the last letter drawn by Guti. Little by little the style we want to give to the game is becoming clear: a serious comic air that moves away from burlesque fashions, very effective in the short term but with a short expiration date. In addition to this, and in this case, the letter is inspired by one of the photographs by Jordi Borràs in his book “Dies que duraran anys”.

Obedient Mayor

Alcalde obedient

This is what one of the CG Deep State cards is called (at the moment). A card with which the player who plays the Central Government can close campaign events in public buildings and polling stations before polling day.