Escape from Colditz

Joc de La fuga de Colditz

If October 1st has been the frame of inspiration of the game, the spark that ignited everything was “Escape from Colditz”, a game also inspired by real events and that revolutionized the playful world of the moment. Did you know it?

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A sovereignist wall

Muralla humana

This is the scenario: security forces heating up the same population that must defend and guarantee their rights. The human wall, the mass of demonstrators, the field of onion mushrooms… in short: people protecting their vote. We continue with the games and we look for the way to fulfill one of the most requested requests: to make a system of game 100% collaborative, with an automatic CG

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Letter from a judge

Jutge del joc

Dear future players of the Sovereignist Block, as Central Government we forgive at this time all the bad things that you want to behave in this game of the illegal Referendum to give you a bit more of the most sacred and untouchable Normativa of the game (that we have not stopped modifying until now). In its Chapter III of Title VII…

“The validity of a court order is determined by the letter from the “Judge” who is face up… …When a Judge’s card is put into play, it will replace the previous one by imposing a new vision of justice. The Central Government may put “Judge” cards into play as many times as it sees fit, once per turn.”

Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence. #WeWillWin

Preamble of the regulation

“Operation: REFERENDUM” transports us to a unique region where there is a struggle for a right: self-determination. To carry it out, citizens trust the Sovereign Bloc (SB), a conglomerate of political parties, entities and social collectives that have been struggling for years to organize a referendum with guarantees. The binding consultation that allows them to be sovereign and decide their future.

In front of them the Central Government that does not recognize that right. To question their authority will be considered a challenge to the laws of the established order. To prevent a successful Referendum, the Central Government (CG) will deploy all its power to sabotage the campaign and discredit the vote. It must act cautiously if it does not want to affect its democratic image, the eyes of the world are stealthily watching.